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Miniature Imperial Halfanegg Ornament Collection
All of the Eggs in this collection are 2.25 inch replicas of the Imperial Eggs fashioned as ornaments with bales and gold cords for hanging on the tree but they are half eggs only.. Additionally they have inverted T stands so they can be displayed as a collection all through the year. They are as exquisitely made as the Eggs they mime. They are all made using a huge colored cabochon stone with a gold metal lattice work layered over it, the lattice having a flower set with a crystal at each intersection. The back of the Halfanegg is enamel guilloché in a wave pattern, the color matching the cabochon stone. These are superb ornaments and certain to become family heirlooms.

Miniature Imperial Halfanegg Ornament Collection

  1. Kelkh Pine Cone Egg
  2. Imperial Rosebud Egg
  3. Imperial Rose Trellis Egg
  4. Imperial Coronation Egg

Our price each: $95.00

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