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In Los Angeles call (310) 828-4307.
If you are faxing an order to us: please include your email address to enable us to acknowledge your order and send you the tracking information for your package more efficiently.

Our Mailing Address:
The Perfect Gift
9909 Topanga Canyon Blvd.
Chatsworth, California 91311

Email us anytime, anyday!

Catalog terminology:
  • No Longer Available: We no longer have the item, nor can we get any more.
  • Special Order: Means that we are currently out of the item and it can be ordered for you.
  • Out of Stock: This refers to Fabergés stock. If they are currently out of a
    piece then it can take several months before it is again available. They do
    not have everything in stock all of the time. Because so much of their
    production is hand made and because there are limited craftsmen who are
    able to meet their standards, it can take several months before we are able
    to get an item again. We will be happy to check their stock for you and keep
    you apprised of its availability.

Shipping information:
We ship using UPS almost always, the exception being for shipping to countries other than the United States. For all countries other than the US we ship using USPS Express Mail which is air shipping and generally delivers the parcel within one week. If time is not a factor and cost is then Priority Mail is used which means surface transportation and can take up to 6 weeks for delivery. We use that only when requested by the customer.

Shipping Fees:
Because weight and insurance become a factor in shipping certain of the Fabergé items it is difficult to generalize on shipping costs. Where we can we will continue to charge $8.50 per item. On larger orders or for larger items like the Imperial Eggs we may elect to simply charge whatever the actual costs are plus a small fee for our shipping materials and labor. You have to know that we will never knowingly overcharge you and often we will absorb part of the shipping costs. UPS has again raised their prices and they continue adding fuel surcharges, additional charges for delivering to residences, additional charges for shipping to certain areas which for some reason they feel deserve an extra charge. I have no idea of how they arrive at these charges nor do I know about them prior to printing the shipping labels which is when their charges are totaled and printed for us. If air shipping is requested then the size of the shipping carton becomes of great importance and they charge a minimum fee for each size carton based on what that carton can hold even though it may only weigh a couple of pounds.in actuality. Since all of the Fabergé pieces come in their own packaging and in the case of the Imperial Eggs the velvet boxes are very large--it becomes impossible for me to know in advance what the charges will be. Please bear with us and we will do the very best we can for you. You are always our first priority.

Our 3% Surcharge:
We started this fee when UPS and other services which we use began raising prices more than once a year. It was too unwieldy to constantly be changing prices in the catalog to allow for that sort of thing. The answer was to charge a fee that would take care of things like that and not require constant price adjustments in the catalog. At the time we emailed our entire customer list and asked for their thinking and/or objections to the idea. The response was overwhelmingly for us to do whatever we needed to do to remain in business. They did not want to lose us. It enables us to hold things for customers and to give services that other catalogs do not give.Ours is a very personalized catalog and over the years we have gotten to know well many of our customers and they to know us. It is a relationship of mutual trust.

Retail Price of item: 200.00
Our Price: 179.90
Shipping: 8.50
subtotal: 188.40
3% surcharge: 5.65
Grand Total: $194.05

All orders are shipped on the day they are received if they are in stock and if they are received before 3 PM. Orders received after 3 PM ship the next business day..

About our stock:
When an item goes into the catalog we have that piece in stock at that moment. We rarely purchase more than one piece of many of the items because the collection is so large and it is not economically feasible for us to carry back stock. On the smaller and less costly items we reorder frequently but on the Imperial Eggs generally it requires a waiting period if we have sold the piece. As mentioned before, we can check Fabergé inventory and let you know the availability of the piece.

About Special Orders:
Because Fabergé does not manufacture in great quantity it will sometimes happen that 3-4 months is required for an item to be received on special order. We can check this by checking the current Fabergé inventory and we will be happy to let you know if the piece is readily available or not. Please keep this in mind when ordering. Patience may be required.

All Special Orders require a deposit of 25% of the purchase price.

Corporate and Small Business Orders
The caché of the Fabergé name makes anything made by Fabergé immediately and immensely desirable. It creates an impression of intelligence, knowledge and taste. You would be hard put to find any gift that would be as well received as a gift of Fabergé.

Fabergé, The Perfect Gift will be happy to work with you on multiple orders whether there are multiples of one style or several different styles. Please understand that all styles are not available all of the time nor are they always in stock in large quantities. The Fabergé current inventory for all of their production is available to us at any time and quantities on hand can easily be checked. If you are thinking of a particular piece and the quantity desired is more than a few, we could satisfy you best if you gave us sufficient lead time -- perhaps two to three months -- to have your selection made for you depending on how many pieces you require. Keep in mind, please, the quality product that Fabergé produces means much of the work is done by hand, and this requires time.

Although the Table Ware, Sterling Silver Flatware, Sterling Silver Tea Services and Crystal of all types including Pairs of Martini Glasses are not shown in our catalog, they are available through us and we can send you photographs of any pieces you are interested in. You will find that our prices are very competitive and our service is beyond reproach. All Fabergé merchandise comes handsomely packaged, most in Rich Blue Velvet cases with gold clasps, and everything comes with elegantly printed documentation.

If you have a need for something really special, Fabergé can satisfy that need.

Guidelines for all Foreign Purchases

Cash Sales:
Wire transfer of funds only. Contact Elayne@fabergetheperfectgift.com for wire transfer information.

Credit Card Sales:
All purchases will be sent to Credit Card billing address only.

For each Foreign Sale, please provide us with the following:
via fax: 1-818-349-2027. We require:

1.      Copy of Drivers License, front and back.

2.      Copy of Credit Card, front and back.

3.      Copy of Previous Month's Credit Card Statement showing billing address, card number and card holder's name.

4.      A letter stating the amount you are authorizing us to charge with a cursive, (hand written) signature which will remain in our files. This can be done via email if you have a scanner or via fax at: 1-818-349-2027.

We are extremely sorry that it has become necessary for us to set such stringent guidelines and we apologize for any inconveniences the requirements may cause you, but it has become an absolute necessity to do this. Except for the personal letter requirement they are all for first time purchasers only.

All merchandise in perfect condition is returnable within 30 days of receipt of it. It will be your responsibility to notify us first and then return it to us. We will either replace the piece for you, or issue you a refund check or credit it back to your account.

If the merchandise arrives damaged please let us know immediately. It would be almost impossible for it to leave here damaged, we check things very carefully before they are packed, but if it should happen we will make every effort to replace it and we will arrange for it's pickup by UPS. If the damage occurred in the shipping then please save all shipping materials and the carton and UPS will pick it up so a claim can be made for the damage.

Your Privacy at FabergeThePerfectGift.com
Your privacy is important to us. We do not share or sell information to anyone, not email lists, not customer lists, not material in the catalog, nothing at all.
No one other than Elayne has access to any of the information we hold on behalf of our customers. None of it is stored in any computer (with the exception of email addresses). We believe the only way for information really to be secure is not to be on the computer. That's one of the reasons we do not take credit cards online. If you have any further concerns about this issue just call us at our toll free number, 1-866-215-4438, and we will be happy to discuss them with you.

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