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The House of Fabergé produced hundreds of items that were used daily by their customers. Utilitarian things like the frames for lorgnettes, spectacles that were in general use in that period, fan handles, cane heads, cigar and cigarette cases, match holders, opera glasses, seals which were used to imprint wax to seal letters, bell pushes, thousands of boxes in all sizes and shapes for every conceivable purpose and some without any purpose other than pure beauty, small bowls and cups of every description for every possible need and dozens of other relatively insignificant things that became important when the House of Fabergé gave them the benefit of its genius.

This category will present some of those pieces which in the hands of Fabergé changed dramatically from prosaic, ordinary in the extreme, to superb examples of what a fertile imagination created. And today these same pieces have become sought after examples of the jewelers art, the vantage from which they are now viewed.

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