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The Imperial Egg Jewelry Collection
Miniature Imperial Eggs as Jewelry

Some of the most delightful things that the original House of Fabergé made that many ladies of fashion treasured and greatly enjoyed wearing were small Eggs, replicas of the Imperial Eggs to be worn on chains at the neck or on bracelets as charms. They wore them singly, and in groups, sometimes as many as 5 or 6 at a time.

We've had so many requests for these that the Fabergé design team came up with something really extraordinary, something I know all of the ladies will most certainly delight in owning. It is both a display piece and a piece to be worn and the design is nothing less than ingenious.

Each piece in this collection is impressed with the mark of Fabergé and is numbered. It comes to you handsomely boxed in blue velvet with appropriate documentation that is actually signed by Nicholas Simonovski, Fabergé Workmaster.

The Imperial Clover Egg

No Longer Available

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