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The Imperial Porcelain Box Collection

Limoges porcelain hinged boxes made for Fabergé featuring transfers of the Imperial Eggs.

This group of boxes is made for Fabergé in Limoges by a maker whose name you probably would not know but who has been making Limoges boxes for many years. Many of Rochard's boxes, as well as many other importers, have their boxes made by this maker. La Seynie is their name. You may recognize their mark which is an L/S with the letters intertwined. You will find their backstamp on each of these boxes along with Fabergé and Limoges France. The quality of the porcelain is the highest and the metal work and hinging is exquisitely done.

It is apparent looking at these boxes that great care has been taken in the manufacture of them. The boxes have varied shapes, they are all white porcelain and they all have transfers of the original Fabergé Eggs on them. Transfers were used for these because it is virtually impossible to reproduce these world famous works of art by hand painting on boxes of this size. The detail, and detail is what makes the Eggs so fabulous, would be lost. On the inside of almost every box, in script, is the name of the egg, to whom it was given and the date it was given.

A. The Lily of the Valley Egg Box. Currently in the Forbes Magazine Collection the Egg pictured was made for presentation by Tzar Nicholas II to his mother, the Empress Marie Feodorovna in 1898. At the apex of the egg you will notice a crown. This crown, when released by a pearl on the egg being pressed, allows a triple diamond studded picture frame to rise out of the box In it are photographs of the Tzar and his two eldest daughters, Grand Duchesses Olga and Tatiana. The portraits in their frames are shown on the interior of the box. The clasp is an heraldic shield that displays the Imperial Double Eagle. The box is a 3.25 inch octagonal in shape.

Our price: $190.00.

B. The Imperial Renaissance Egg Box. Currently in the Forbes Magazine Collection the Egg pictured was made for presentation by Tzar Alexander III to his wife, Marie Feodorovna, prior to his death in November 1894. It was the last thing he gave her. Originally there was a surprise inside of this piece, what it was is unknown. Sometime over the years since it was made, it simply disappeared.The clasp is an heraldic shield displaying the Imperial Double Eagle. The box is a 3.5 inch oval in shape.

Our price: $165.00.

C. The Imperial Coronation Egg Box. Currently in the Forbes Magazine Collection the Egg pictured was first made for presentation by Tzar Nicholas to his wife, Alexandra Feodorovna on the first Easter after their coronation. This is one of the most famous of the Eggs. Although it is not pictured on the interior of this box, because of size, the surprise inside the Egg was a replica of their Coronation Coach in gold, platinum, diamonds, rubies, rock crystal and enamel. (You can see the actual replica of this Egg with the Coronation Coach inside, in Le Petit Egg Collection.) The clasp is the Imperial Double Eagle. The box is a 2.25 inch round in shape.

Our Price: $165.00.

D. The Imperial Peter the Great Egg Box. Currently in the Pratt Collection at The Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, in Richmond, Virginia the egg pictured was presented by Tzar Nicholas II to his wife, Maria Feodorovna in 1903. It is made of gold and platinum and lavished with diamonds and rubies. It contains a miniature bronze model of Peter the Great mounted on his horse which sits on a block of uncut sapphire. The statue is shown inside this box. The exterior of the Egg features a painting of the Winter Palace and another of the hut of Peter the Great.

Our price: $191.00.

All Fabergé works of art will arrive in handsome Fabergé boxes lined in fabric and embossed with the name Fabergé and will be accompanied by appropriate documentation.

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