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About Clocks and Cigarette Cases
Fabergé made dozens of different clocks over the years and never reproduced any of them. Each was a totally new design. Thinking about that, one wonders how they reinvented this simple everyday object so many times, making each more beautiful that those that preceded it. That was true of everything that was made by Faberge. They never duplicated even one piece in their workshops, and their stated object was to make each piece more beautiful than the previous one...the creative genius it took to manage this is simply beyond imagination.

In the book The Golden Years of Fabergé which A La Vieille Russie caused to be published and which presents the original designs and drawings of Workmaster Henrik Wigström, there are page after page of designs for cigarette cases, an object whose shape was predetermined by its purpose, and yet, every single design is completely different than all of the others. It is to be noted that other workshops also designed cigarette cases and those were completely different as well.

The genius of Fabergé! I find myself wondering what set of circumstances made it possible for a man who came from an educated but not extraordinary family to become one of the creative artistic geniuses of all time. What was he endowed with that most others are not?

The Petite Crystal Clock

All of the gemstones used for these pieces are hand carved.

All Fabergé works of art will arrive in handsome Fabergé boxes lined in fabric and embossed with the name Fabergé and will be accompanied by appropriate documentation.

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