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The Imperial Egg Collection

A collection of the Eggs given by Tsar Alexander and Tsar Nicholas to their Tsarinas and by Nicholas to his mother, the Empress Maria Fedorovna. These Eggs are physically the largest of all the Eggs ranging from 5 to 7.5 inches high.

All are identical copies of the original Imperial Eggs made from the original schematics to ensure accuracy with any occasional slight deviation being explained in the text on the appropriate page. For the most part Austrian crystals replace the diamonds that were originally used but rubies, white sapphires and emeralds are used on the Eggs.

These Eggs all come to you with individual documentation and arrive in handsome fitted velvet cases with gold plated clasps.

NOTE: In February 2004 the entire Forbes collection was sold to a Russian industrialist. As a result the entire Forbes Collection, including the originals of many of these Eggs, were returned to Russia from whence they came.

Click on any image for a larger version:

The Imperial Coronation Egg

(enamel guilloché)

The Imperial Rosebud Egg

(enamel guilloché)

The Imperial Clover Egg

(enamel guilloché)

The Steel Military Egg

(steel and nephrite)

The Kelkh Pine Cone Egg

(enamel guilloché)
The following eggs are interpretations of the original pieces done in Limoges Porcelain, rather than exact copies as are the eggs shown above.

The Imperial Christmas Egg

(Limoges porcelain)

The Imperial Renaissance Egg

(Limoges porcelain)
- edition closed -

The Wedding Egg

(Limoges porcelain)
- edition closed -

All Fabergé works of art will arrive in handsome Fabergé boxes lined in fabric and embossed with the name Fabergé and will be accompanied by appropriate documentation.

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