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The Hardstone Collection of Animals

Among the many materials which Fabergé employed in the making of his remarkable bibelots, not the least were the hardstones: malachite, obsidian, chalcedony, rock crystal, nephrite, purpurine, jasper, agate, jade, lapis-lazuli, bowenite, rhodonite, citrine, the list is endless. His selection of hardstone was determined entirely by the most appropriate use for the subject matter and this provided the figures great individuality and stature. Also, he combined these hardstones with precious metals and gems, seamlessly integrating each with the other creating miniature works of art with each figure or flower made.

His animals had what art historians describe as "psychologically interpretive aspects," the accentuation of particular characteristics of each subject giving them personalities and very distinctive charm. They were much sought after and, today, like all Fabergé treasures, they reside in museum collections; The Forbes Collection, The Royal Collection in London, The Collection of the Prince of Wales and several museums in Moscow each having substantial hardstone collections.

Click on any image for a larger version:

The Owl in his Cage

(carnelian agate)

The Cat

(carnelian agate)

The Rabbit

(carnelian agate)

The Bird

(carnelian agate)

The Begging Poodle

(carnelian agate)

The Ostrich

(carnelian agate)

The Kangaroo

(siberian jade)

The Flamingo


The Rhino


The Owl


All Fabergé works of art will arrive in handsome Fabergé boxes lined in fabric and embossed with the name Fabergé and will be accompanied by appropriate documentation.

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