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New at Faberge The Perfect Gift.

Recently a large retailer called me and asked if we did gift certificates.  They were running a storewide contest and wanted to give one as the first prize. Within a few days I had a beautiful one made up, and sent it off to them.  They were delighted with it and subsequently ran an advertisement displaying it.  That resulted in another company calling me about a similar idea they were entertaining.  All of it resulted in my thinking that maybe  our customers would like to be able to enjoy the use of these as well.

So -- here it is!  Our new Fabergé Gift Certificate!

Lovely, isn't it?  It is available in any amount you care to make it for and can be used for all of our merchandise.  It is only a phone call away from you and can be sent anywhere you would like it to go. It certainly is easier than trying to determine what piece would delight your loved one the most.

Our toll free number:  866-215-4438


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