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The Gemstone Egg Collection

- edition closed -
Available in stock only in Aventurine, Jasper, Heliotrope and Onyx.

Created by today's Fabergé Company as an ancillary to the hand carved gemstone animal collection, these are all solid eggs carved from pieces of the same minerals used in the original Fabergé gemstone collection. Each egg is topped with a finial of either the Coronation Crown or the Imperial Double Headed Eagle in gold plated sterling silver.

The eggs are 2 inches tall with the finial and stand adding another inch. Singly they are handsome and make an interesting focal point of color for a desk or a side table but in a group they are spectacular! An interesting sidelight is that Russian tradition suggested that these eggs were bearers of "Good Fortune" for their owners. When one was given as a gift it bestowed "Good Fortune" on the lucky recipient.

Our price: $150.00 (all materials)

A. Jasper
B. Turquoise
C. Rose Quartz
D. Rhodonite
E. Rock Crystal
F. Lapis Lazuli
G. Aventurine
H. Heliotrope

Also available in Onyx.

All Fabergé works of art will arrive in handsome Fabergé boxes lined in fabric and embossed with the name Fabergé and will be accompanied by appropriate documentation.

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