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The Imperial Peter the Great Egg

Given to the Tsarina Alexandra Fedorovna by Tsar Nicholas for Easter 1903, this lavish creation celebrated both the 200th anniversary of the founding of Saint Petersburg by Peter the Great in 1703, and the reign of Tsar Nicholas himself for political and economic achievements during his reign. This version of the Egg is made of gold Limoges porcelain with all of the details painted in bas relief so that the Egg appeals to one’s tactile sense as well as visual.

The base color of matte gold is overpainted with bright gold depicting the bulrushes and cat tails of the marshes on which Saint Petersburg was built. The cartouches surrounding the portraits of the two Tsars and their preferred residences are enameled in black and white indicating the gemstone frames on the original Egg. A bit more delicate looking than other versions of this Egg, this lovely thing rises from a footed gold metal base.

At the apex of the Egg, painted, the Romanov Double Headed Eagle and again, it appears as the clasp. Open the Egg and inside, mounted on a gold plated plinth, is a tiny replica of the world famous statue by Falconet, commissioned by Catherine the Great, the Tsar Peter the Great astride his mount. This statue stands yet on the banks of the Neva River in Saint Petersburg. It is interesting to note that the monument is exact even to the fencing that surrounds it.

Below the date 1903 is the portrait of the Winter Palace where Tsar Nicholas II entertained in state during the winter social season. On the rear of the Egg, beneath the date 1703, the hut that Peter the Great built with his own hands and in which he lived for a period.

Our price: $6,000.00.


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