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Fabergé Egg Wine Bottle Stoppers
Replacing the cork in an open wine bottle with one of these or using one to close a bottle of brandy or any beverage would certainly be an improvement and not just from an aesthetic viewpoint. If pulling the cork on a bottle is always a struggle for you, using one of these would solve the problem in the loveliest way. The stoppers, besides being absolutely beautiful and real conversation pieces, have patented mechanisms in the shaft and simply by turning the Egg the rubber flange adjusts to seal or unseal the bottle.Great for champagne and sparkling wines so the fizz doesn't fizzle.
From a decorative point of view they can't be topped. They are reproductions of real Fabergé Eggs:

  1. The Coronation Egg
  2. The Danish Palace Egg
  3. The Napoleonic Egg
  4. The Rosebud Egg
  5. The Pine Cone Egg
  6. The Swan Egg
  7. The Bouquet of Lillies Clock Egg
The detail on them is extensive and exquisitely done. They would make treasured gifts particularly for the most difficult people on your gift list. And for those who "have everything," I doubt that they already have even one of these, they are new to the Fabergé Collection, and there are a number of different ones available. Each is marked Fabergé and has the Romanov double eagle on the shaft.

A,B,D,E,F,G -- Retail: $200.00. Our price: $179.90. Just arrived.
C -- Retail: $250.00. Our price: $224.90.


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