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The Imperial Wine Charm Collection II

The Wine Charm Eggs are reproductions of the actual Imperial Eggs, i.e. the Coronation Egg, the Rosebud Egg in red, the Napoleonic Egg, the Danish Palace Egg, the Pine Cone Egg, & the Rose Trellis Egg. Each charm is one half of an Egg, flat on the back side so that it lays flat on the base of a wine glass.

The set makes a fabulous hostess gift, delightful for anyone who enjoys wine and could be a taste of Fabergé for any friend who admires your Fabergé collection...you do have one, don't you? If not, then gift yourself with these. The Eggs are on gold rings that unclasp for fastening around the stem of a wineglass. They serve to identify each person's glass when you are serving wine. I am sure you recall what a nuisance it is when people keep forgetting which glass is theirs.

The set is presented in a handsome velvet box with Fabergé and the Romanov Double Eagle insignia embossed on the lid of the box. It arrives with Fabergé documentation enclosed.

Retail: $150.00. Our price: $134.90.


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