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The Versatile Versailles Frame

This elegant frame, one of the largest made by Fabergé, is constructed so that it can be used full sized, for a photograph measuring 7 by 9 inches, or using the ribbed moire taffeta matte as shown; the inner frame will hold a 3.5 by 5 inch photograph. The Versailles is very versatile. There are few frames that will adjust to hold multiple sized photographs and none that are more handsome. The outer frame is decorated in a repeating version of the winged torch that is seen on either side of the matte. The inner frame is a delicate three level molding. The four corers of the matte have gold rosettes and the wreath and ribbon pediment atop the frame is repeated in part both above and below the inner frame. The frame is metal with a backing of velvet and has an easel support. Available in both black and eggshell, as shown above.

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