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The Versailles Caged Crystal and Silver Jewel Box

An elegant footed box five inches in diameter, cushioned in black velvet, exactly right for your pearls, or a gorgeous diamond pin, a bracelet or two, things that you wear often enough so that you want them at hand, rather than locked away someplace.

I use mine - I couldn’t resist buying one for myself - for my wedding band, wristwatch, diamond studs that I wear almost all of the time and occasionally my pearls end up in there as well. It is convenient, lovely to look at, and other than my housekeeper no one else ever sees it so I don’t worry about my things not being locked away. I wear most of them constantly anyway...I am a believer in small luxuries. They make me feel good and my bedroom has always been the room that I wanted to be the most luxurious in my home. This box helps make it that. And, after all, who deserves it more than I do? At least, that is my theory.

The box is heavy crystal with silver garlands of roses for the cage. The lid is beveled crystal framed in silver, with a medallion of lovebirds among the branches and leaves of a tree, in silver, centered on it. An outstandingly beautiful piece. You will feel cossetted each time you look at it. I do! And gentlemen, if you want to make a "true love" kind of gift? This will do it, every time!

Retail: $1200.00. Our price: $1079.90.

NOTE: In the book "Fabergé, Imperial Jeweler" the catalog for the last major showing of Fabergé work which was presented at the State Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg, Russia, the Museée des Arts Decoratifs in Paris, France and the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, England, in the years 1993 /1994, you will find reproductions of the original drawings of Toilet Bottles, Scent Bottles, Glove Boxes, Toilet Article Boxes, all done in Caged Silver Style by the House of Fabergé. These are the inspirations for the pieces shown in this collection. They were ordinary, every day items that Fabergé, with incredible artistry, metamorphosed into works of art.


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