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The Ostrich

Hand carved of Carnelian Agate with gold plated sterling silver legs, an aventurine base and diamond eyes, this long legged beauty is a true work of art. The carving is meticulously done, every feather delineated individually. The Agate has a velvet look to it and instinctively, one reaches out to touch it, it looks so soft.

The ostrich is one of a huge menagerie of animals that Fabergé did over the years, many of the animals done from life at Sandringham Palace in England where Queen Alexandra had her personal zoo. Today, the Queen of England has the single largest collection in the world of the Fabergé hardstone animals, her collection numbering over 300 pieces.

Interesting to note, other members of the English royal family have also collected the hardstone animals over the years but none have collections to compare to that of the Queen. The Queen's Collection is at The Queen's Museum in Buckingham Palace and it is sometimes open for viewing. If you are in London, you might want to check and see if it is available for showing. Today it is the largest collection of Fabergé outside of Russia.

Retail: $950.00. Our price: $854.90.

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