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The Cat

This little fellow has met up with someone about whom he has qualms. You can tell this from his slightly hunched position, tail standing on end, facial fur puffed up and front legs braced. Whomever carved this figure knew cats very well. Only someone who knew cats would know that their facial/neck fur stands on end when they are trying to intimidate another animal.

When this piece was originally carved they probably didn't know the reason for this behavior but today we know that many animals do this to make their opponent think they are larger than they actually are. It is an automatic reaction to danger. Elephants stand their huge ears out on either side of their head so that the head appears gargantuan to the oncoming stranger. Hand carved of Striated Carnelian Agate with diamond eyes set in golden bezels, to the tip of his tail he is 2.125 inches tall.

Retail: $225.00. Our price: $202.90.


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