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The Tercentenary Presentation Box

Tercentenary Presentation Box

Created by Peter Carl Fabergé at the behest of Tsar Nicholas II for the Tercentenary celebration (three hundred year anniversary) of the founding of the Romanov Dynasty in Russia. The exact provenance is unknown but it is thought to have been for presentation to Grand Duke Mikhail Mikhailovich*, grandson of Tsar Nicholas I in 1913, the year of the celebration.

The decor of The Presentation Box is deep green translucent enamel guilloché on a ground of both moiré and sunburst chasing. The centerpiece of the box lid consists of joined circlets placed over the wings of the Romanov Double Headed Eagle. These circlets frame portraits of both Nicholas and Alexandra, the whole being set in diamonds. In the original rose point diamonds are used; our box, of course, is done with crystals. The sides of the box repeat the red enamel and gold laurel leaf border banded in white and the sunburst extensions. The inside of the box is lined in deep green velvet and the base is a sunburst chased on gold plated metal with the name Fabergé impressed.

Retail: $550.00. Our price: $494.90.

*This is an opportune time to tell you that Russian custom dictates that the middle name - in this case Mikhailovich - is the name of the child's father plus "vich" which means "son of" in Russian. Therefore Mikhail Mikhailovich was the son of Mikhail. You will, perhaps, recall that the son of Tsar Nicholas II carried the title of Tsarovich, son of the Tsar. For the female "evna" or alternatively "ovna" is used and they also carry their father's name, i.e. the Tsar's daughters all had as their second name Nicholaevna.

Tercentenary Presentation BoxTercentenary Presentation Box


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