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The Sterling Silver Teething Ring

teething ring

The Perfect Gift for The Newest Arrival!

It matters not if it is a prince or princess, there is no size involved, no colors involved, no wondering if it is needed or not and they can never have too many of these. It is something that every baby needs and uses and then it can be treasured for the rest of the little one's life. And, one thing you can be fairly certain of is that this will be the only gift the new arrival receives that will never go out of style nor ever be used up. Do I have your attention now?

It is a Sterling Silver Teething Ring with a chased gold plated Egg attached! Elegant, unusual and extremely practical but best of all -- the Teething Ring will always be 99 percent bacteria and germ free. Sterling Silver does not host bacteria. I'll bet you didn't know that but it is true. That's what makes this such a Perfect Gift! Generations from now it will still be brought out each time a new arrival makes his or her appearance. Isn't that a fun thing to think about! Your gift will be used for generations to come! How could you go wrong giving such a marvelous and lasting gift?

Retail: $250.00. Our price: $224.90.


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