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The Imperial Steel Military Egg

The Imperial Steel Military Egg

It was April, 1916 and this was the last Egg presented to the Empress Alexandra Fedorovna. Russia was at war and Nicholas was at the front...he telegraphed Fabergé to make the Egg and deliver it to the Empress on the eve of Easter. Because the country was at war Fabergé elected to use rather austere materials in the making of the Egg and, of course, the Egg itself reflects the period of time in which it was made.

The Egg is made of steel, quite a departure from the usual lavish materials used. It is decorated in gold (ours in gold plated sterling silver ) and topping it displays, the Imperial Crown; on the front face, the heraldic shield of the Romanovs, the double headed eagle with arrows and a laurel wreath in it's claws. On the other three faces of the Egg there is the coat of arms of the city of Moscow, a figure of Saint George and the monogram, of the Empress, A and an O with a line across it. The O is a cyrillic figure. The year, 1916, is also displayed. The Egg stands on four artillery shells mounted on a nephrite pedestal.

Inside the Egg is rather remarkable surprise: a steel easel in the shape of an A with the Imperial Crown and the Cross and Ribbon of The Order of Saint George. Standing on the easel is a miniature painting of the Tsar and Tsarevich in conversation with the General Staff at the front. It was painted for this purpose by Zuiev. Our Egg is identical to what I have just described.

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