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The Royalty Clock

Looking at this small, 5 inch high clock, I find it strange that a word like majestic comes to mind. Majesty usually is associated with large and imposing, nevertheless, this small clock is regal in it's bearing and deserves it's title, The Royalty Clock. An exact reproduction of a clock from The House of Fabergé, hand carved of Lapis Lazuli, a mineral which is shot through with tiny flecks of gold. Simple to the extreme, the only decor being a gold Laurel Leaf rim to the clock face, a gold Laurel Leaf swag and a gold Laurel Leaf accent at it's base. The clock face bears the name of Fabergé. All decor is 24 karat gold plated sterling silver.

Our price: $750.00.

Note: The clock movement is Swiss made.


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