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We normally do not stock Fabergé tableware but when I saw this charming Infant dinnerware I was unable to resist it. It is something that can be used on a daily basis when the baby is in its first years and then treasured throughout the life of the person that baby becomes. One of my personal treasures is the Sterling Silver Baby Cup that I received when I was born. It has my teething marks on it still. It is one of two things I have that date back to my infancy, the other being a doll sized infant dress that my mother made by hand for me because I was so tiny - 2 pounds at birth - that there were no clothes available for an infant of my size.

The porcelain dinner plate, bowl and two handled cup are Limoges porcelain, of course, and decorated with, what else?, Easter Eggs. The plate and cereal bowl have central motifs of chicks just emerging from their eggs and, on the cup, an Easter Bunny holding a colorfully decorated egg. The detail on these delightful pieces is superb. The cup rim has a yellow scalloped border and each handle has a vine climbing up it. Both of the dishes are bordered in multicolored scallops and each semicircle created by the scallops has its own individually decorated Easter Egg.

All of my words are not sufficient to really describe the sweet delicacy of the design. I can only say that anyone receiving this treasure will cherish it forever. It comes in a handsome blue velvet, egg shaped box with a gold lid which is shaped as an egg, satin lined and marked Fabergé and, of course, with appropriate documentation.

Our price: $300.00.

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