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The Owl

The Owl standing over 5 inches tall on gold plated sterling clawed feet is carved from Jasper, a gemstone found in the Ural Mountains of Russia. The eyes are Citrines set in gold plated bezels and they gleam as the eyes of an owl sometimes do in darkness.  The Jasper is brilliantly carved displaying all of the multiple layers of feathers and their various differences in texture and size.  Notice the head feathering is quite different from the facial feathering and the rear feathering changes yet again.  i suspect that the feathering changes are part of the aerodynamics involved with the flying habits of this bird.

There is a very interesting owl head designed by Henrik Wigstrom, a Faberge workmaster, that is a bell push and is quite similar to the head of this owl.
NOTE: There are 106 different owls known to be in existence today.

Our price: $750.00.



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