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Faberge Napkin Rings for The Formal Table

Made of enamel guilloché, Austrian crystals and pearls: elegant beyond anything you can imagine! I ordered these for a customer and then was so enamored of them that I just had to give all of you the opportunity to see them. I know that this is not the sort of thing we normally sell but can you imagine these on a formally set dinner table with 2 or 3 of the Imperial Eggs in these colors as the centerpiece? To die for!!!

Used with a simple clear crystal stemware and smartly styled but unadorned dishes these would absolutely stun your guests. It is kind of like wearing a very simple black dress or suit with one fabulous piece of jewelry and nothing else to distract the eye. When you have something as beautiful as these you dress the table around them. You don't need elaborately decorated dishes or heavily cut crystal on the table. Simplicity is the keyword here. These will be stars of the table and only your Egg centerpiece can eclipse them. If you haven't begun your Egg collection yet, a lovely floral arrangement picking up these colors can also achieve a stunning table.

Each set consists of 4 rings, one each of the Fabergé enamel colors of Kelkh Hen Egg red, Imperial Napoleonic Egg green, Kelkh Pine Cone Egg Blue and Imperial Coronation Egg gold.

Our price: $400.00.


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