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The Miniature Kelkh Pine Cone Egg

Not an Imperial Egg but certainly one of the most beautiful Eggs ever made by Fabergé, this Egg was made for Varvara Bazenov Kelkh, the daughter of a major industrialist who owned diamond mines, shipping lines, gold mines, railways and other companies in the late 1800's and early 1900's.

The Kelkh family was the only family that collected Eggs in quantity other than the Tsars and their families. The Kelkhs commissioned 7 Easter Eggs from Fabergé and the Pine Cone Egg was one of them. The Pine Cone is made of a deep blue translucent enamel over a guilloché ground that gives enormous life to the rich blue. It is almost as though the piece is back lighted from within.

Layered over the enamel are discs that suggest overlap and all the discs are bordered in crystals. At the apex of the Egg there are four larger stones. Inside the Egg resting in the gold plated plinth is - The Surprise! A tiny but perfect elephant made of metal. He has a large stone set just above his trunk and is dressed in a howdah of brilliant red enamel guilloché that is set with several stones.

Astride the howdah is the mahout holding his prod. The original Surprise was mechanized and came with a gold key. When wound the elephant walked with a swaying motion and moved his trunk. That is not possible at any price in a piece as small as this. The Egg stands on a tripod of gold plate and enamel set with pearls that cradles it.

Our price: $350.00.

In my opinion one of the most beautiful Eggs that was made. Fanciful and a perfect confection!


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