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The Miniature Imperial Danish Palace Egg

This is an almost exact replica in miniature - only 2.5 inches high - of The Imperial Danish Palace Egg which was presented by Tsar Alexander III to his wife, the Empress Maria Fedorovna, for Easter 1890. This Egg is made of Limoges porcelain and the gold painted decor simulates the original diamond studded gold dividers that mark the 12 panels of the Egg. The grounds that make up the panels on the original Egg were enamel guilloché engraved with tiny crosses here represented by minute crosses painted in bas relief. The interior of this Egg is lined in wine velvet and houses a two panel gold metal screen made up of picture frames. The original Egg featured a ten panel screen and had paintings on porcelain of the various palaces and yachts in which the Empress had spent time as a girl in Denmark. She was a Danish princess prior to her marriage to Tsar Alexander. This Egg has a palace and a yacht in the photographs. The pictures, of course, can be replaced with your own if you wish.

Our price: $450.00.


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