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The Galaxie Millenium Egg

This Item is No Longer Available.

In 1999 the Fabergé Collection produced a six inch Galaxy Egg, to commemorate the onset of the new century. It was a limited edition of 500 Eggs made only briefly and only in that one year. All 500 pieces were numbered and marked Fabergé. They were much in demand and the entire edition sold out. In 2004 one piece of this Egg appeared on eBay and, I am told, sold in excess of $2000.00, a huge increase over the original cost. As a result of that a number of customers appealed to me for help in getting one of the Millennium Eggs. The makers of Fabergé had none, nor did they intend ever to reproduce that Egg again, so I thought it was a lost cause but I am nothing if not persevering! I continued to ask from time to time always hoping that one would be found. And lo and behold, one was found! The fabulous Fabergé Sales Representative, with whom I work, found one still in the original box sitting on a shelf in the huge stock room of one of his customers! They weren’t even aware of its being there. And yes, they would sell it to me, so...HERE IT IS!!!

The Egg, made of Limoges porcelain in midnight blue, is incised with a galaxy of stars in gold. Open, it reveals a World Globe in textured silver with the continents in gleaming 24 karat gold plate. The Globe rests on a gold plated plinth shaped to cradle it. Open the Globe and there, resting on the midnight blue velvet interior is the Millennium Diamond Pin! The pin is set with 14 diamonds.The clasp on both the Egg and the Globe is the Romanov Double Headed Eagle. For display purposes there is a small arm that holds the lid of the Egg open.

Our price: $1299.90

NOTE: It comes in a Blue Velvet Case impressed with the Fabergé Double Headed Eagle insignia and has gold plated clasps. Included is the Certificate of Authenticity.

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