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The Malachite Coach Egg

Although inspired by Peter Carl Fabergé's Eggs, as all fantasy Eggs are, this is not an original House of Fabergé design. It does, perhaps, tread the same path as the House of Fabergé but search as I might through my extensive library on original Fabergé designs, nothing that I could find in an Egg resembled this exquisite and imaginative objet d'art. It is clearly a creation of today's Fabergé Collection workmasters. And, plain to see, it is magnificent!

The Egg is hand carved from Malachite, a gemstone found in the Urals Mountains of Russia. A fanciful coach stands on a footed plinth of white Calcite that presents itself almost as snow. Certainly that is the impression you instantly get seeing it. The Egg rests in a holder that mimes the wheels and suspension of a coach such as the Coronation Coach. The Egg is festooned with arabesques and swags highlighted by an occasional cabochon stone. At the apex of the Egg is a hand carved amethyst finial rising from a gold setting. Attached to the carriage are two fine chains, the reins of the reindeer who provide the means of locomotion for the coach. They are not fastened to the plinth and can be placed in positions of your own choosing. The interior of the Egg is lined in velvet and a diamond bracelet, pin or ring would fit nicely as the surprise. (You get to provide the surprise, or not, as you choose. It depends on how fabulous a gift you want this to be. A ten karat emerald would feel at home in this surrounding.)

All of the metal is sterling silver plated in 24 karat gold. The Calcite base is 4" by 12" and the height of the Egg is 8.5".

Our price: $20,000.00.

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