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Le Petit Polar Bear Egg

Le Petit Polar Bear Egg
Swirling bands of cobalt and white, each edged with narrow bands of gold, cover this porcelain Egg which opens to display a crystal studded Polar Bear standing on a white porcelain ice floe.  This Egg, as all of the other animal surprise Eggs do, honors the collection of hardstone animals Faberge designed for the then Queen of England, Alexandra, consort of King Edward VII.

Our price:  $450.00.

Of interest:
You may recall that it was King Edward who commissioned Faberge to make models of all of the animals that were kept at at Sandringham where Queen Alexandra had developed a zoo. One of his mistresses, (as it happens the lady involved was the grandmother of Prince Charles’ lately taken wife, Camilla), had suggested to him that he do something nice for his “long suffering wife”. The suggestion resulted in King Edward commissioning the House of Fabergé to do hardstone models of all of the animals.  Fabergé sent two sculptors to Sandringham to fashion the clay models of the animals.  It took them several months and at the end of that time they returned to Russia with the models and the work was started on hand carving them from various hardstones.  Those same hardstone animals today make up the major part of the Queen of England’s collection of Fabergé.  She has the largest private collection of Fabergé in the world.

Note: Queen Alexandra was sister to the Tsarina Maria Fedorovna who was the wife of Tsar Alexander III and the mother of Tsar Nicholas II.  King Edward and Tsar Nicholas looked enough alike to be twins and were quite close. Before  either had become their country’s monarchs, and before either had married, they spent a year at sea traveling the world together.








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