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The Laurel Treasure Chest in Crystal and Sterling Silver

The Laurel Crystal and Silver Collection
Earlier this year, when I was in the Fabergé Los Angeles showroom, I was struck with the beauty of their crystal and silver collections. Heavy beveled and cut crystal encased in the most delicate floral swags of silver. They were old world elegant, exquisitely designed, beautifully executed and very different than anything I had seen in recent years. It turned out that they were copies of sterling pieces that had been part of Nicholas and Alexandra’s every day life in their various palaces. A bit more investigating and I noticed pieces on desks and tables and sideboards in the photographs displayed in various volumes I have in my Fabergé Library. I couldn’t resist them even though I knew that we had never tried any of this sort of thing before. They were so beautiful that I was certain that any Fabergé lover would be smitten with them just as I was.

These are quite practical pieces for which you can find many uses both in your own home and as gifts for dear friends. They would make spectacular wedding gifts! They would be The Perfect Gift for for any person, place or purpose!

The Laurel Treasure Chest.
A footed, oval of crystal the bottom of which is cut in a star pattern and the lid having a half inch beveled edge that is silver rimmed, the whole being cased in swags of silver roses. It is a coffer of myriad uses. Fill it with jewels, pearls, sweets or anything else that pleasures you. It will hold whatever you choose admirably with grace and elegance. It will work on a writing desk, an end table, a coffee table, a bureau, a dressing table ,even in a powder room to hold necessities for you and your guests. I can see it on a tea tray holding tiny chocolates.

It is available in two sizes:

5 inches: Our price: $950.00.
7 inches: Our price: $1250.00.

NOTE: In the book "Fabergé, Imperial Jeweler" the catalog for the last major showing of Fabergé work which was presented at the State Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg, Russia, the Museée des Arts Decoratifs in Paris, France and the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, England, in the years 1993 /1994, you will find reproductions of the original drawings of Toilet Bottles, Scent Bottles, Glove Boxes, Toilet Article Boxes, all done in Caged Silver Style by the House of Fabergé. These are the inspirations for the pieces shown in this collection. They were ordinary, every day items that Fabergé, with incredible artistry, metamorphosed into works of art.


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