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The Karsavina Parfum Egg

Made for an Empress? Indubitably! This unusual piece was probably made for the Dowager Empress Maria Fedorovna who loved perfumes, and surely this beautiful piece was one that had a place of honor on her dressing table. It has the look of royalty. Hand cut crystal, the Egg is cut in ten facets and sits on a pedestal base that in turn rests on a square slab of solid crystal.

It is topped by a cobalt crystal lid that is cut in a tulip pattern, the broad leaves descending from the apex of the Egg, and the tulip cups extending beyond the leaves almost to its rim. Inside sits a smaller parfum flacon, 4.5 inches high, the stopper, borrowing from the lid of the Egg, repeats the leaf pattern. The flacon is cut in the same 10 facet pattern as the Egg and holds perhaps an ounce plus of scent.

I have been told that this type of parfum holder is quite unusual and is much sought after by collectors. It is certainly one of the most elegant of all parfum holders that I have seen. Total height 7.5 inches.

Available in green only at present.

Our price: $950.00.


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