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The Imperial Christmas Egg

"The Joyous Christmas Egg" -- A glistening white, footed Egg, with ribbons of roses in bas relief superimposed on bands of 24 karat gold dividing the Egg into panels. Each of the ten panels circling the Egg displays a fanciful gold wreath, with the apex of the Egg capped by a ten pointed gold star. Open the Egg and there on a 24 karat gold plated plinth sit three gold Christmas Trees, studded with 11 Rubies and 10 Emeralds. The trees are graduated in size, the largest just 2 inches in height. A turn of the key and the sounds of Silent Night fill the air as the tiny trees slowly revolve to the music.

Exquisitely fashioned in Limoges porcelain and decorated with enormous delicacy, this enchanting Egg will become a family heirloom for the few fortunate recipients. A Limited Edition from Fabergé.

Our price: $3500.00.


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