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The Imperial Swan Egg Collection (3 pieces)

The Imperial Swan Egg

One of the most ingenious of the Eggs, this exquisite piece was made by the House of Fabergé in 1903. It was not presented by Tsar Nicholas to his mother, the Dowager Empress Maria Fedorovna, until 1906 on the occasion of what would have been her fortieth wedding anniversary. I mention this because the circumstance of Fabergé holding this piece for three years was unusual but it appears to me that it was certainly made for her because it was commonly known that mauve, the color of the Egg, was her favorite color and because the swan, even then, was known to mate for life and would have been most appropriate for this occasion. Why it would have been made so far in advance remains a mystery.

The Egg itself is 4.25 inches tall. Sitting on the pedestal base it stands just over 6.5 inches high. It is mauve enamel guilloché overlaid by a crystal set lattice, crystal ribbon bows at the lattice intersections. Two sizable crystals are set at both the apex and base of the Egg. It stands, and the stand is not original to the Egg, on a tripod pedestal of sterling which features the swan motif, the whole mounted on a circular slab of marble which in turn is mounted on a footed silver base.

The Egg opens to reveal its surprise! A Swan in matte silver with every feather individually molded, the eyes set with crystals and the beak in white enamel. It floats on an aquamarine enamel guilloché lake which is surrounded by a frame of water lilies and lily pads; the lilies set with crystals; the pads in different shades of gold. In the original the Swan was mechanized; the wings spread, the webbed feet paddled and the elegantly curled neck unfurled itself. In the reproduction the swan lifts off the lake and beneath it, in an egg shaped cavity, is a minute gold and crystal set swan on a miniscule enameled Egg which hangs from a finely braided golden chain: a Fabergé Egg that can be worn. The final surprise!

Not nearly as well publicized as most of the other Imperial Eggs, The Swan Egg has been privately owned for more than a half century, and has never been on public display in the United States. Prior to that it was in the palace collection of King Farouk of Egypt from which it sold in 1954 for $19,000.00.

Our price: $2500.00.

NOTE: Isn't it remarkable that a piece that is conservatively valued at $24,000,000.00 today can be reproduced so beautifully and owned and enjoyed by many.

The Imperial Swan Boudoir Bowl.
The Imperial Swan Boudoir Bowl is hand cut crystal in a trellis pattern with sunbursts centered in each diamond shaped trellis.   The lid of the bowl is enamel guilloché in the lavender of the Egg.  Sitting in the center of the lid are a pair of Swans, one in gold plate and the other pavéd in Austrian Crystals, the two on a sea of blue enamel.  The heads of the Swans are facing each other with their necks forming a heart.  They are enclosed in a 6 pointed star of Austrian crystals.

Size: 4.5 inches in diameter and 5 inches high.
Retail: $650.00.  Our price: $584.90.    


The Swan Lorgnette.  This stunning piece can be displayed with the collection when not worn as a necklace. (Guaranteed to garner dozens of compliments when it is worn.) An unusual looking piece that is modeled after the style of glasses that were used in the late 1800’s. Here it is has a mirror on the face of it and the back is lavender enamel guilloché embellished with silver and Austrian crystals.

Size: 3.75 inches
Retail: $125.00.  Our price: $112.90.


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