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The Imperial Renaissance Egg

- edition closed -

Inspired by a museum piece created in 18th century France, the original of this Egg was the Easter gift given to his Tsarina, Maria Fedorovna, by Tsar Alexander III in 1894.* The Egg lay on its side on an oval base. It was an agate Egg enameled in the Renaissance style and was set with rose cut diamonds, pearls and rubies.**

Our version also borrows from the French in that it is Limoges porcelain, which is made only in France. Our Egg stands upright on a gold plated footed base. The Renaissance design of the Egg is hand painted to reproduce the overall appearance of the original Egg. At the apex of the Egg is the date 1894. The clasp is the Romanov Double Eagle.

Open the Egg and inside on a gold plated plinth is a miniature two layer Birthday Cake, decorated in gold ribbons and bows and studded with Austrian crystals. It has a single candle and is inscribed "Happy Birthday."

But wait! Turn the cake on its base and the Egg plays 'Happy Birthday!' It has a music box!

But wait! There is something inside of the cake! Lift the cake off its base and there, the ultimate surprise! Nestled in the base of the cake is a half inch high replica of the Birthday Cake, candle and all, on a delicate gold chain. Engraved on the underside of the cake, "Happy Birthday."

Our price: $3000.00.

*Tsar Alexander III died just eight months later and the last Tsar, Nicholas II, his son, ascended the throne shortly thereafter.

**The surprise inside the original Egg is not mentioned in the documentation for this piece and although it would be fair to assume a surprise because all of the Eggs had surprises, none has ever been discovered for this Egg.


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