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The Imperial Hen Egg

Created by Fabergé at the request of Tsar Alexander III in 1885, this is the very first of the Imperial Eggs. Alexander ascended the throne after his father's assassination in 1881. In 1885, having been married to Maria Fedorovna for twenty years, he ordered this Egg to commemorate the anniversary of their betrothal in 1865 and also to serve as her Easter gift.

According to documents found not long ago, Alexander, unlike his son Nicholas, took an active part in the designing of the gifts that Fabergé was to make for him. He first selected a ring as the surprise for this Egg but later decided on a miniature diamond replica of the Imperial Crown with a ruby pendant suspended from it. This surprise has long been gone from the Egg.

The current Fabergé reproduction of The Hen Egg is stark white enamel guilloché cradled in a tri-legged gilt stand decorated with laurel leaf swags. When the top of the egg is removed the dome of the golden yolk is seen. Open the yolk and there, nestled in a white velvet bed, is a tiny golden hen with ruby eyes. This minute bird is hinged at the tail and opens revealing the final surprise -- a half inch white enamel guilloché egg set with two diamonds ready to be worn on it's own delicate golden chain.

The piece in it's entirety is 3 inches in height. It is also available in lavender, raspberry, emerald and pale blue by special order.

Our price: $750.00.


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