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The Imperial Coronation Box

Given by Tsarina Alexandra to Tsar Nicholas II in 1897 to commemorate their Coronation in 1896. It was made as the companion piece to the Coronation Egg which Nicholas had just presented to her, also in commemoration of their Coronation the previous year.

The deep gold enameling of the box represents the color of the Imperial Coronation Robes and is what sets the tone of the box. The translucent enameling is done over a sunburst guilloché design overlaid with a chased gold trellis set with diamonds at each intersection. Centered in each trellis segment is the Romanov double headed eagle in black enamel. Central to the entire design is the crowned diamond monogram of Nicholas II on a white enamel guilloché ground framed by an oval of diamonds. The sides of the box are basket weave enamel guilloché and the interior and underside of the box are black velvet.

By itself this is an exquisite example of Fabergé's work but displayed along with The Coronation Egg it is Imperial grandeur as it was meant to be.

Our price: $550.00.


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