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The Cléo de Mérode Frame

This Frame is named after a celebrated courtesan of the period, a young woman who enjoyed the attentions of many members of the Russian court, some of whom gifted her with baubles from the House of Fabergé. In her collection: an oval frame of yellow enamel guilloché with an outer border of forest green and capped by a ribbon bow with streamers of roses and swags of laurel leaves, all in relief, winding around the outer edge of the frame. The inner oval of the frame is finished with a stationery gold chain that is so fine that it can only be seen to be a chain using a magnifying glass. The handsome gold plated stand and a wooden back complete the piece. The photograph, of course, is of the lady Cleo wearing a diaphanous gown.

Our price: $500.00


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