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The Sterling Silver Cigarette Case Photograph Frame

The House of Fabergé made literally thousands of different items for their clients, both to order and with which to stock their stores. Royalty, the ladies of the court, women of great wealth, ballerinas and courtesans in Moscow and St. Petersburg often enjoyed afternoons of shopping at the Fabergé stores. They were filled with so many beautiful objects which were irresistible to those who coveted them that it was not unusual for them to come away from an afternoon of shopping with several pieces of Fabergé's creation.  Because cigar and cigarette smoking was so prevalent in those days what they often sought were cigarette cases. Fabergé made them by the hundreds, some of them very elaborate and some very simple, but all simply marvelous. In the Queen of England's collection today there is one in deep blue enamel guilloché with a diamond snake crossing both the front and back of the case that is so spectacular it was used on the cover of the book that was published for the Queen's Collection. Leopold de Rothschild purchased many cigarette cases from Fabergé, often using his racing stable colors on the cases, and gave them as gifts - a not uncommon practice. And in the London branch of Fabergé they were also quite popular.  There are a number of them in the Queen's Collection today.

The Fabergé Collection has reproduced several of them making a very simple change - rather than holding cigarettes, they now display photographs in the interior of the cases. They close in the same way with push buttons of gemstone and from the exterior they look, still, as cigarette cases might but they are, in fact, exquisite and useful photograph folders, wonderful for travel and stunning when displayed on a desk or nightstand.

Shown above is the hand made Sterling Silver Cigarette Case in translucent enamel guilloché in the strawberry red that Fabergé so often used.  Closed it strongly resembles a cigarette case but for display purposes it stands open to reveal a place for two photographs.

Available in three sizes:

3 x 4 rectangle
Our price: $3000.00.
2 x 3 rectangle
Our price: $2500.00
2.5 x 2.5 square
Our price: $2000.00.

Available also in Turquoise Blue.


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