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The Tatiana Fabergé Book Mark Collection

For those of you who are great readers and for those of you belonging to book clubs--these will be a treasure. Fabergé, aware that most of the lovers of Fabergé are readers as well as lovers of fine arts, have done a series of book marks featuring miniatures of the Imperial Eggs. If, like me, using a bookmark is a must--then you will find these just as necessary and delightful as I do. It pleases me to see The Napoleonic Egg dangling from my book. I find myself smiling each time I see it.

The Tatiana Fabergé Book Mark Collection
The book marks are diminutive copies of the Imperial Eggs. Those shown here are the Coronation Egg and the Napoleonic Egg. They are inscribed with the name Fabergé and impressed with the Imperial Double Eagle insignia on the back of each egg.There are two to a set and come packaged in a tiny velvet envelope which has both the name Fabergé and the Imperial Double Eagle impressed in gold on the deep blue velvet. They are very handsome, beautifully made with gold shafts and a matching bead between the shaft and the Egg, wonderfully useful for a reader and they have the added benefit of imparting an aura of elegance to both the giver and receiver who, it is assumed, will also know the name of Fabergé.

Our price: $75.00.

Elayne and Tatiana Fabergé, granddaughter of Peter Carl Fabergé. Tatiana signing her book, "The Fabergé Imperial Easter Eggs" for Elayne.

Tatiana Fabergé , the great- grand- daughter of Peter Carl Fabergé wrote the definitive book on The Imperial Easter Eggs. I had the honor of meeting her and lunching with her and learned an enormous amount about her great grandfather and her father--also a noted jewelry designer. From time to time she is in this country and I am currently working on the possibility of her signing some pieces for us the next time she is here which will be in April of this year. It is she for whom I named the Bookmark Collection.


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