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The Fabergé Imperial Easter Eggs

The Fabergé Imperial Easter Eggs
Tatiana Fabergé, Lynette G. Proler & Valentin V. Skurlov

This marvelous book, the definitive volume on The House of Fabergé’s magnificent creations, is now available for the first time in many years.  The book was published in 1997 for the first and only time by Christie’s of London and it was a very limited edition. It can never be published again because much of the material in it is under a copyright that permitted only the single use of the copyrighted material.  We are fortunate enough to have uncovered and obtained a small cache of them and now have them in stock.

In the book are copies of the original receipts from Fabergé to the Tsars for each of the Eggs along with details of the creation of the Eggs, extraordinary photographs of the Eggs and in some cases letters from the Tsars as to what message they wanted the Eggs to convey to the recipients.  As well, there is much material dealing with the Revolutionist’s evaluation of the Eggs and information as to how the Eggs were removed from Russia and brought to the free world. All of the Eggs, including the Kelkh Eggs, missing Eggs and even some plans for Eggs that were never made are in the book. As well there are photographs of the Imperial jewels and the Imperial Regalia.

For anyone who loves history this book provides a plethora of Russian historical information of the period.  For anyone who collects Fabergé it is the preeminent publication dealing with these treasures made by the House of Fabergé.

We have only the few and there will be no more.

Our price: $350.00 each.
Two copies signed by Tatiana Fabergé: $450.00 each.
Two copies with slight discoloration to the cover of the volume: $275.00 each.


Elayne and Tatiana Fabergé, granddaughter of Peter Carl Fabergé. Tatiana signing her book, "The Fabergé Imperial Easter Eggs" for Elayne.

Tatiana Fabergé , the great- grand- daughter of Peter Carl Fabergé wrote the definitive book on The Imperial Easter Eggs. I had the honor of meeting her and lunching with her and learned an enormous amount about her great grandfather and her father--also a noted jewelry designer. From time to time she is in this country. It is she for whom I named the Bookmark Collection.


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