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The Bouquet of Lilies Clock Egg

Given by Tsar Nicholas II to his Empress, Alexandra Fedorovna, for Easter, 1899, it was then the capstone to her collection. If you recall, the House of Fabergé strove to make each year's egg more beautiful and completely different than all that came before them and with this egg they truly achieved their goal.

The elegance of the Louis XVI period design combined with the innovative use of the egg as the face of a clock was completely unique. The narrow white enamel guilloché band seen on the egg is inlaid with Roman numerals, each studded with tiny crystals, and the band circuited the egg every 24 hours. The elaborate gold arrow on the face of the egg points to the time. As well, atop the apex of the egg is a bouquet of Madonna Lilies each hand cut from gemstone and centered with tiny crystals, the egg itself acting as the vase for the Lilies. The egg sits on a rectangular base supported by elaborate gold scrolls that are repeated on the four faces of the base. In crystals, the year 1899 is on the face of the base.

Because our egg does not function as a clock: it has a music box inside the base and it plays the Anniversary Waltz by Strauss.

Our price: $3500.00.

Imagine this: Elayne, the lady of the voluminous vocabulary was speechless when first she saw this egg. It was standing in a lighted Fabergé display cabinet and the brilliance of the gold, the incredible color of the enameling, accented by thousands of tiny crystals made it come alive. I turned to my sales representative and immediately ordered two of them. That was a first for me. I never order two of anything the very first time I see it. But there is an exception to every rule and this egg was the exception for me.



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