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The Fifteenth Anniversary Egg

This magnificent creation was given to the Tsarina Alexandra Fedorovna by Tsar Nicholas II on the occasion of the Fifteenth Anniversary of his accession to the throne. It is considered one of the crown jewels of the Fabergé Imperial Egg Collection. Each year the workmasters at Fabergé would strive to achieve something more beautiful and more meaningful than the previous year's Egg and this particular Egg succeeded, becoming by far one of the most exquisite and meaningful Eggs ever produced.

It consists of a series of thyroidal panels, seven filled with miniature paintings done for this purpose by Vassillii Zuiev:

  • One of His Majesty the Emperor Nicholas II
  • One of Her Majesty the Empress Alexandra
  • One of His Highness, the Heir - Tsaravich
  • One each of The Grand Duchesses Olga, Tatiana, Maria and Anastasia

The balance of the panels consist of events and places in the years since Nicholas and Alexandra married which were of great importance in their lives:

  • The Procession in the Cathedral of the Dormition
  • The Coronation
  • The Emperor's Speech from the Throne
  • Transfer of the Relics of Saint Seraphim of Sarov
  • The Peace Palace at The Hague
  • The Emperor Alexander III Museum
  • The Emperor Alexander III Bridge in Paris
  • The Unveiling of the Monument to Peter I in Riga
  • The Poltava Celebrations

The panels are in vertical series either of family portraits or of events. The portrait panels are all in a lustrous white enamel guilloché, the portraits surrounded by diamonte frames as are the dated ovals. The panels are separated by deep green enameled laurel leaves delicately delineated in gold and punctuated by diamonte crosses at each intersection. Table diamontes are at either pole of the Egg.

"This perfectly balanced combination of exquisite jeweled work and portraiture makes this Egg a tour de force of Fabergé art and celebrates the Empress Alexandra's life as Tsarina."

Our price: $3000.00.

*Quotation from Fabergé, The Forbes Collection


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