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The Imperial Diamond Trellis Egg

The Imperial  Diamond Trellis Egg

Originally conceived by Faberge Workmaster August Holmstrom, at the request of Tsar Alexander II! as a gift for his wife the Empress Maria Fedorovna, former Danish Princess and sister to Queen Alexandra of Great Britain, this Egg was presented in 1892.  The Egg was jadeite covered with a swirling trellis of rose cut diamonds mounted on a base consisting of three small boys, thought to be (the future Tsar) Nicholas II, George and Michael, children of Alexander and Maria.  Originally it contained an ivory elephant set with diamonds. ( You may remember that the elephant is the highest award given by the Danish government and it appears frequently in things associated with the two Danish Princesses.)  When the Revolutionists confiscated Maria’s belongings, the elephant disappeared never to be seen again.  The Egg itself, many years later, turned up at an auction at Sotheby’s in London in 1960.  It was then owned by T.B. Kitson and was sold for 2400 Pounds to an antique dealer, Drager.  Where it is now is unknown.

The current Fabergé version of it is in rose quartz, studded with rose cut diamonds descending from a large multifaceted diamond, the whole set on a base of siberian jade with the three children in gold.  The original surprise has been replaced by a small oval frame studded with diamonds and within the Egg it is held in place by gold braces studded with rubies.

Our price: $25,000.00.


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