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Enamel Guilloche Boxes

Enamel Guilloché Boxes in wonderful brilliant colors as only the process of Enamel Guilloché permits.  The engraving of the metal makes the light strike the color differently even when the box is simply sitting there.  Pick it up and move it and it comes alive with color. The boxes are lined in white suede so they are quite lavish in feeling.  Wonderful for gift giving and perfect for presenting something special and using as a gift box.

Lime Green Octagonal Box: 3.5 X 3.5 inches.
Our price: $300.00.

Red Rectangular Box: 3.25 X 2.50 inches.
Our price: $250.00.

Pale Blue Oval Box: 3 X 2.25 inches.
Our price: $200.00.


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